About Me

I'm Joanna, owner and founder of Inspiration Personal Training. I first started working in the fitness industry after finishing my degree in Sports Biomedicine in 2006. My biggest goal for my business is to help my clients improve their health. Improving your health means so many things to different people so I have spent the last 10 years improving my skill set to support my clients.

Personal Training

The most important thing personal training can offer is to provide:

Sessions are typicaly one hour long and are tailored entirely to suit your goals. Working together is so important & I encourage autonomy at every step of the process.

Online Personal Training

If you are fairly confident in the gym but are looking for accountability, motivation & structure, online personal training might be the answer.

A weekly check in, regular programmes and help, support & advice when needed are all included.


Pilates is a low-impact exercise which focuses on three main principles:

It can help to develop muscular strength, balance, mobility, core strength, flexibility and posture. Pilates is easily adapted for all ages & fitness levels. Many health professionals recomend pilates for non-specific lower back pain & I use my pilates knowlege alongside my level 4 lower back pain qualification to help my clients move better & aliviate back & joint pain.

Joint Care

After working on the launch & development of an arthritis programme for a major gym chain from 2019-2021, I decided to launch my own joint care programme during the 2021 lockdown.

This online programme consisted of two sessions per week of low-impact exercise focusing on strength & balance. Each week follows a different discussion topic related to improving joint health, including - diet, sleep, stress & weight management

This is a 12 week course & spaces are limited

Sports Massage

Sports massage can be a great tool to use alongside your training, helping to identify weak areas and imbalance within muscle groups.

Sports massage can also be utilised as part of recovery from a particularly strenuous training session or competitive event.

I draw upon my knowledge as a PT to identify problem areas & suggest exercises which may help.

Please be aware that I am not a trained physiotherapyst and if a treatment is outwith my scope of practice, I will suggest a referral to someone who can help.